Banhoek Lodge Accommodation

The Must-see Motor Museum

The Franschhoek Motor Museum showcases one of the largest private car collections in the world and is a must-see experience when visiting the Cape Winelands. Located only 10 minutes’ drive from Banhoek Lodge, the museum showcases over 100 years of automotive history and features more 220 vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and motor memorabilia.

Exhibits are divided into categories according to time period. The Antique collection showcases vehicles built before 1904; vehicles manufactured before 1918 are located in the Veteran exhibit; while the Vintage exhibit’s vehicles, predate 1930. The Post-vintage display exhibits vehicles built before 1945 while more modern vehicles are included in the Post-45 and Post-60 exhibits.

Tickets for the museum are affordably priced and can be purchased online in addition to classic ride experiences in one of the museum’s vehicles.