Banhoek Lodge Accommodation

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Banhoek Lodge’s Terms and Conditions page. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with our policies. These terms outline the responsibilities and expectations for both our guests and our management. By staying with us, you agree to abide by these guidelines, ensuring a seamless experience for all. Please read through the following terms carefully to understand our policies on reservations, payments, liabilities, and personal information security. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

1.Regrettably no children under age of 12

2. The guest, by signing this Registration card, warrants that he is duly authorized to sign for and bind all persons represented by him or for whom he is responsible (‘his party”) to these conditions of residence and failing such authority, agrees to be personally liable for all amounts arising from the residence of himself and his party at the Hotel.

3. The guest and each of his party agrees to pay no later than the time of departure (unless prior written arrangements have been made with the Hotel management) the room rate as determined by the hotel for the period of residence, the costs of food, beverage and any other amounts relating to such residence together with VAT (if applicable) incurred by the guest and his party during his/ their stay in the Hotel. Periodic payments must be made if the account exceeds the credit limit designated by the Hotel, and accounts are payable on presentation.

4. A certificate from the Hotel Manager shall constitute proof of indebtedness of the guest and/ or his party and of particulars therein for all purposes including any action instituted by the hotel against the guest and/ or any of his party.

5. The guest agrees that after his departure, the Hotel may retain goods left behind by him and/ or his party and authorizes the Hotel after giving one month’s notice to the address registered by the guest of its intention to do so, to sell same, privately or publicly, at the Hotel’s discretion at such price as the Hotel may determine and offset the proceeds of such sale against possible indebtedness of the guest or to hold such proceeds or part thereof for a period of three years pending any claims by the guest for those proceeds failing which they shall be deemed to have been forfeited to the Hotel.

6. The guest hereby agrees on behalf of himself and the members of his party, on whose behalf he warrants he has authority to contract, that it is a condition of his/ their occupation of the Hotel that the Hotel shall not be responsible for any injury to or death of any person or any harm caused to them or the loss or destruction of or damage to any property upon the premises, whether arising from fire, theft or any cause and by whomsoever caused or arising from the negligence (gross or otherwise) wilful or wrongful act of any person in the employment of the Hotel or sub-contractors of the Hotel.

7. The guest hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court having jurisdiction over the guest in respect of any proceedings in connection with the stay of the guest and his party in the Hotel. Notwithstanding a foregoing the Hotel shall have the right of instituting all or any proceedings connected with such stay in the Hotel in any Division of the Supreme Court of South Africa having jurisdiction.

8. Where appropriate the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa and the singular shall include plural.

9. The guest agrees that in the event of contracting an illness or any form of disease, Banhoek Lodge, its staff or management will not be held liable.

10. All personal information obtained by the lodge will be used for communication and legal purposes only. Copies of ID’s and credit cards will be kept safe and will not be shared in any way, except in the event of a criminal act actioned by the guest. Our CCTV are for security purposes only, no footage of guests will be shared in any way, except in the event of a criminal act actioned by the guest. All necessary precautions will followed to protect guest information.

11. We do not accept AMEX or Diners Club.