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5-Favourite-Franschhoek Wine Tasting Experiences

Our 5 Favourite Franschhoek Wine Tasting Experiences

There are dozens of wine tasting experiences to choose from in the nearby town of Franschhoek, which is only 20 minutes’ drive from Banhoek Lodge. If pressed to narrow them down to just 5 tasting experiences, these are the wine farms that we feel should not be missed.

1. Boschendal

One of South Africa’s oldest wine farms is quick 9-minute drive from Banhoek Lodge.
Boschendal has over 330 years’ worth of wine-making experience, and this shows in the remarkable wines they have on offer for you to taste!

Whether you venture into The Werf, or Cellar Door, you will be exposed to award-winning wines created through the expertise passed on for generations.

2. Haute Cabriere

Nestled between the mountain tops of Franschhoek lies the home of Pierre Jourdan, bringing us some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Could it be the sun, the soil, the vine, or the man? Either way, this family-run winery firmly believes in these 4 points in their wine-making process. And have been providing us with fabulous red and white wines since planting their first vine in 1982.

Make a booking and explore this 40-year-old establishment to experience first-hand how a passionate team turns winemaking into a bottling artistry!

3. Colmant

After emigrating to South Africa in 2002, Jean-Philippe Colmant started the first ever winery in South Africa which was solely dedicated to the production of Cap Classique. Four years later Colmant Cap Classique and Champagne was born. Jean-Philippe strives to ensure that Colmant’s Cap Classiques possess a style which is “classical, fresh and elegant”.

Be sure to make a reservation as their tasting rooms are only open for 2 hours a day, Monday to Saturday.

4. Pigcasso

The name alone should be intriguing enough!

After being rescued from a slaughterhouse in the Winelands, Pigcasso showed an unusual interest in art. Pigcasso now lives at The Farm Sanctuary where you can enjoy a wine tasting while admiring the abstract art created by the snout of a world-famous pig!

Joanne Lefson is the creative behind a beautiful mission and has managed to intertwine her passion for animals with the world of art and creativity.

Visiting the Oink Gallery at the Farm Sanctuary is a must for your “to-do” list whilst in the winelands.

5. La Motte

Why not mix wine tasting with a great history lesson at La Motte where history and wine intertwine.

In 1695 a piece of land was granted to a German immigrant. The land was then sold to a French Huguenot and was named La Motte.

Dr. Anton Rupert then acquired this wine farm in 1970. A conservation program was implemented, resulting in La Motte becoming a leading global wine producer. A global business empire was established and is home to some of the finest wines which is distributed internationally.

If you make a trip to La Motte, it is not only fine wines you will get to taste, but also a whole lot of heritage you get to explore.